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Welcome to Hannah's Legacy!

Welcome to Hannah's website.  We are here to help any family that has dealt with a loss from Triploidy and Mosaic Triploidy.  I hope that the information you find in here is helpful to you.  If there is anything you need or questions you may have please contact us.

Recently I received an e-mail from a lady who life was also touch by Mosaic Triploidy, the difference being that her son is now eighteen years old, and was diagnosed around age ten. 
Her son does have many complications and she has loved him through it all.  With courage and conviction, she has fought for him and with him these past eighteen years.  I want to thank her for offering us all hope, that no matter what decision we make, it will be done with love.
She is also offering that if anyone has any questions about what her life has been like with her son, or how her son's life is affected, that she can be contacted.  Please e-mail me and I will provide you with the information.

As Hannah's mother, I am posting my personal story in the hopes that others can see that they are not alone with this.  I want every family who has been touched by this diagnosis to know that there information out there and someone who is willing to listen.
 I am also hoping that anyone with any new information about Triploidy will send it to me so that I can post it for anyone else who would like to read it.
One thing I would like to add about this website is that it does deal with elective termination of a pregnancy.  This is not a site to use to express your political views about abortion but one for support of the families who may or may not have made this decision.  The people who visit this site are looking for information about something affecting a much loved and much wanted child.  Negativity will NOT be tolerated.



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